Safety 2009 Proceedings

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501 Benchmark Your Leading Indicators to Manage Jobsite Risk
502 Safety Leadership in the United States, Internationally and in ASSE (Sponsored by Women in Safety Engineering)
503 Global Perspective of Going Green: Lessons We Can Share (Sponsored by the Environmental and Management Practice Specialties)
504 Aging, Obesity & Diversity: The Office of the Future
506 Dodging the Bugs: Infection Control at Work
508 Combustible Dust: Regulatory, Legislative and Litigation Issues (Sponsored by the Environmental and Mining Practice Specialties)
510 Using Causal Analysis to Minimize Risk
511 Risk Management and Safety: Do We Speak the Same Language?
512 Cultivating an Actively-Caring Culture: Dispelling Myths about People and Moving Forward
514 Developing and Measuring a Safety Business Plan
516 Culturally Appropriate Training: How to Do It Right! (Sponsored by the Training & Communications Branch of the Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialty)
517 Making Fall Protection Work at Your Site (Sponsored by the Engineering Practice Specialty)
518 Electrical Safety Requirements
520 Fundamentals of SH&E: Overview of Regulatory Compliance 101A
521 Recursos Sin Costo Disponibles en Español para Profesionales de Seguridad que Sirven a la Comunidad de Trabajadores de Habla Hispana (Free Resources Available in Spanish for Safety Professionals Servicing the Spanish-Speaking Community of Workers) - Delivered in Spanish
522 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors (Flash Fire Hazard and Analysis of Flame Resistant Clothing Performance)
525 BOOM! What Was That Noise? Common Causes of Crane Accidents and How to Prevent Them
526 Planting the Garden: Impact Networking Strategies
527 Applied Ergonomics: Tools and Methods for Improving Fit of the Workplace (Sponsored by the Ergonomics Branch of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty)
528 Guidelines for Developing a Crisis Management Plan
529 Beyond Compliance: The Next Level of EHS Excellence
530 Pandemic Influenza Epidemiology and Planning (Sponsored by the Environmental Practice Specialty)
531 Everything You Need to Know About Health and Safety Law and Management in Canada (Sponsored by the International Practice Specialty)
532 Case Study: Contractor Safety in the Petrochemical Industry
533 What's Driving Your Insurance Costs for the Next Five Years
535 Evaluation and Control of Fall Hazards: Lessons Learned
536 Ten Characteristics that Distinguish Great Safety Organizations: What Leaders do to Make Them Real
537 Cognitive-Behavioral Safety: How Stages of Change Influence Safety Behaviors
539 Evaluate This! A Compelling Technique to Measure and Evaluate Training Results (Sponsored by the Training & Communications Branch of the Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialty)
540 Fire Suppression Considerations for Storage Occupancies (Sponsored by the Fire Protection Practice Specialty)
541 Case Studies of Industrial Confined Space Entry (Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee)
542 Driving Green = Driving Safe
545 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors (Process Safety Management: What is the Right Audit Approach for You?)
550 The When, Where and How to Look for Fall Exposure
551 Developing the Art of Listening: Studying Occupational Cultures
552 Anhydrous Ammonia Safety
553 Is Your Stretch & Flex Program Cutting Edge? (Sponsored by the Ergonomics Branch of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty)
554 Integrating Employee Fall Prevention Techniques in Healthcare Operations
555 Assessing and Controlling Hexavalent Chromium Exposure from Welding
557 Operational Risk Management: From the Top Floor to the Shop Floor (Sponsored by the Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialty)
558 The Business Case Method for Presenting and Developing a Return to Work Program (Sponsored by the Consultants and Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialties)
559  A Safety Mindset for Effective Leaders
561 Cost Analysis and Budgeting: Risk Analysis and Hazard Control
562 Execution: The Difference That Makes the Difference - Achieving Superior Performance
563 The Humvee Rollover Trainer: An Officer's Quest to Save Lives in Combat
564  Internal Floating Roof Tank Fires: The Real World and a New Approach (Sponsored by the Fire Protection Practice Specialty)
565 C.A.S.T. for Succe$$
566 A Guide for Designing and Implementing Arc Flash Mitigation
567 Improving Fleet Safety with Driver Risk Management Solutions
569 Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control 101B
570 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors (Advancing Your Career: What Companies are Demanding of their EH&S Professionals)
602 Results by Persuasion: Influencing the Customer to Get What You Want
603 Designing Health and Safety into Alternative Energy Systems (Sponsored by the Environmental Practice Specialty)
604 Preventing Sprains & Strains: Best Practices at Work
605 Fly By the Seat of Your Pants? Why Not?
606 UPS Delivers Through Behavioral Safety Systems (Sponsored by the Transportation Practice Specialty)
607 OH/IH Programs: A Strategy for Demonstrating the Value to Corporate Executives (Sponsored by the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty)
608 Developing Global SH&E Metrics to Meet Organizational and Regional Requirements (Sponsored by the International Practice Specialty)
609 OSHA Enforcement Under the New Administration
610 Discover What You’re Missing-Applying Process Improvement Techniques to Claims Management
611 Techniques for Hazard Recognition for the Field Employee (Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee)
612 Performance Metrics: Leading Indicators Deliver Sustainable Results (Sponsored by the International and Management Practice Specialties)
613 Activating Higher Level Safety Culture and Performance
614 A Recipe for Recognition Success!
615 Freshen Up Your Refresher Training: Games and Activities for Safety Training Classes You Deliver Annually (Sponsored by the Consultants Practice Specialty)
616 Making the Business Case: Assessment of Safety Intervention and Optimization of Resource Allocation (Sponsored by the Engineering Practice Specialty)
617 Managed Fall Protection Programs: A Case Study
618 Benchmarking Crash Frequency for Multiple State Fleets with Multiple Vehicle Types
Sponsored by the Transportation Practice Specialty

620 Fundamentals of SH&E: Workplace Health 101C
621 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors (Understanding NFPA 70E and Arc Flash Hazards)
625 Construction Mentoring Program for New Hires
626 Coaching for Results! Increasing Your Effectiveness as a Safety & Health Consultant (Sponsored by the Consultants Practice Specialty)
628 Reducing Energy Costs: The Eco-efficiency Aspect of Corporate Sustainability
629 The Aging Workforce: Secondary Ergonomics Risk Factors & Solutions (Sponsored by the Ergonomics Branch of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty)
632 09 Global Safety and Health Briefing (Sponsored by the International Practice Specialty)
635 Avoiding 12 Common Mistakes in Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention (Sponsored by the Hospitality Branch of the Management Practice Specialty)
636 Achieving Safety Excellence in a Global Organization: New Research about the Role of Organizational Culture
637 Overcoming Organizational Barriers to Safety and Health Excellence
640 Personal Protective Grounding of High Voltage Equipment
641 Fall Protection for the Heavy Worker
642 Implementing a Machine Risk Assessment Program
645 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors (Know the Gap Before Attempting to Bridge It: How to Effectively Deliver Training to Employees of All Ages)
650 MSHA Inspections: The New Rules of Engagement (Sponsored by the Mining Practice Specialty)
651 Introduction to Basic Scaffold Safety
652 Leadership Skills: Volunteers Leading Volunteers
653 The Future of the Safety Engineering Profession in the United States (Sponsored by the Engineering Practice Specialty)
655 Developing a Safe Patient Handling Program for Long Term Care: A Case Study
656 Can You Hear Me Now? Articulating Noise Assessments & Hearing Loss
657 Comparison of Global Safety Management Systems: CSA, ANSI, OHSAS 18000 series & ILO
658 Improve QHSE Performance with Math-proven Safety Leading Indicators
659 Workplace Violence Prevention: The New York State Experience
662 Building Continuous Improvement Teams that Change Safety Cultures
663 EHS Metric Formation: Developing Systems on Basic Principles (Sponsored by the Consultants Practice Specialty)
664 Train Me, Please: Using Innovation to Help Employees Remember Safety Training (Sponsored by the Training & Communications Branch of the Risk Management/Insurance and Public Sector Practice Specialties)
665 Best Practices in Communicating Risk - Case Studies in ANSI Z535
666 Life Safety Inspections (Sponsored by the Fire Protection Practice Specialty)
667 The Hidden Fleet: Managing Non-owned Auto Exposures within the U.S. and Globally
669 Fundamentals of SH&E: Basic Safety Management 101D
670 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors (Implementing an Effective Fall Protection Program)
675 Incentive Programs That Work
676 Core Leadership Skills for the SH&E Professional (Sponsored by the International Practice Specialty)
678 Cleaning Sewage Containment Contents
679 Driving Effective Ergonomic Improvements through Kaizen Events
680 Biotechnology: A New Tool in Safety and Security
681 REACH: Understanding the Risk Assessment Process
682 Client/Contractor Requirements for Effective Health and Safety Management (Sponsored by the Construction and International Practice Specialties)
684 Communicating Risk and Dealing with Crisis Communications (Sponsored by the Consultants Practice Specialty)
685 Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Integration for Electrical Distribution Safety and Reliability
686 Corporate Social Responsibility and the SH&E Professional (Sponsored by the Management Practice Specialty)
688 Moving Beyond ICS Training & Certification: Application of ICS in Day-to-Day Operations
689 LeanSafe™: When Lean and Safe Principles are Applied, Productivity Improves (Sponsored by the Manufacturing Practice Specialty)
692 Dust Explosion Hazard Assessment
694 Entrenamiento de Seguridad Technológicamente-Mejorado para el Trabajador de la Construcción Hispano (Technology Enhanced Construction Safety Training for the Hispanic Workforce) - Delivered in Spanish
696 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors (Assessing and Improving Your Safety Culture)
701 Construction Risk Control Techniques
702 Business Lessons for the SH&E Professional (Sponsored by the Business of Safety Committee)
703 Rescue Plan Development: The Next Step in Your Managed Fall Protection Program
704 Minimizing Chemical Waste without the Big Bang
705 Tribute to the Fallen: Why We Do What We Do (Sponsored by the Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialty)
706 Tools for the Indoor Environmental Quality Investigator (Sponsored by the Industrial Hygiene Specialty)
709 A Critique of the Federal Lockout/Tagout Compliance Directive
710 Playground Safety: Are Your Children's Play Areas Safe?
711 Mitigating Risk through Decision Making: Contractor Management Best Practices
712 Integrating Safety Performance Measures into the Safety Management System
713 Body of Knowledge: You are Probably Already Using It (Sponsored by the Body of Knowledge Committee)
715 When the Safety System Fails the Worker: Did We Do Our Job? A Case Study
716 No Silver Bullet
717 Cognitive Ergonomics and the Older Worker: Training that Works!
718 Wind Turbine Safety: 200 Feet High in a Fire
720 Fundamentals of SH&E: Risk Management 101E
721 Prevention through Design: Concepts and Application
722 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors (Advancing Your Career in Safety)
726 Expert Witness 101
727 Giving Back: Making a Difference as a Safety Professional
728 Responding to Residential Elemental Mercury Contamination
729 ROI of Ergonomic Improvements: Demonstrating Value to the Business (Sponsored by the Ergonomics Branch of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty)
731 The Bleeding Edge of SMS/PSM Technology
733 ASSE Government Affairs Committee Update (Sponsored by the ASSE Government Affairs Committee)
734 Nanotechnology: No Small Risk
735 Workers’ Compensation: The Whole Nine Yards
736 The Relationship between Occupational Safety and Health and Employee Morale (Sponsored by the ASSE Foundation)
737 Leading Measures for Improving Safety Performance
738 Engaging Employees for a Safety Accountability System that Eliminates Injuries
739 VPP: Leaders in Safety and Health Excellence
741 Lessons Learned from the Deadly Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire (Sponsored by the Fire Protection Practice Specialty)
742 Avoiding Common Mechanical Integrity Mistakes
745 Pandemic Influenza: An Occupational Safety and Health Perspective
751 Cyber Bullying: Who What When Where How & Why
752 What? I am the Safety Person and You Want Me to Do Environmental Too?
754 Does Your Business Need a Crisis Management Plan Workbook? (Sponsored by the Public Sector Practice Specialty)
756 Whole-body Vibration
757 The Unpreventable Employee Misconduct Defense
758 Return or Pay the Price
759 Proper Classification of Confined Spaces: Confined Space Program Management
760 Evolution of an EHS Management System: A Leading Indicator for Success
761 Applying FORCE to Deliver Desired Safety Results
762 The Value of SH&E Interns for Companies
763 Effective Training for Adult Learners
767 Best Practices Approach to Driver Safety
769 Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection 101F
770 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors (Documentation Beats Confrontation in Gas Detection)
775 VPP in Construction
776 EHS Score Card: A Creative Journey Toward World Class Safety (Sponsored by the Management Practice Specialty)
777 Corporate Emergency Preparedness and Response (Sponsored by the Fire Protection Practice Specialty)
778 RF Radiation Overview: New Standards Assist the Safety Officer
780 Talking 'Bout My Generation
781 Approaching Safety from an ADA Perspective
782 The Four Cornerstones and Twelve Attributes of Safety Excellence (Sponsored by the Management Practice Specialty)
783 How the ABC's of Leadership Behavior Impact Safety Management Systems
784 Next Generation Safety Metrics: Using the Leading Indicators in Your Observations
786 Improving Your Safety Culture from the Bottom Up. Really!
788 Static Electric Discharge during Solvent Handling and Storage
789 Fire Resistant Clothing: The Importance of Proper Labeling
792 Fundamentals of SH&E: Environment 101G
793 Prescripción medica para un Edificio Saludable (Medical Prescription for a Healthy Building) - Delivered in Spanish