Safety 2010 Proceedings

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501 Injecting a Systematic Approach into Your EHS Planning Process
504 Chalmette, LA: First Katrina, Then the Oil…
506 Breathe Easy: Respiratory Protection Requirements Simplified
507 Wellness, an Essential Component of HS&E Excellence
508 Working Overseas: An International Approach
509 Energy Isolation: Building your own Equipment Specific Procedures
511 Sustainability, the Engine that Drives Corporate Social Responsibility
512 Managing Your Workers\' Compensation Program During Downsizing
513 Assessing and Mitigating Risks to Deliver Sustainable Safety Performance
514 A New Paradigm for Fatality Prevention: Rethinking Traditional Approaches to High-Severity and Fatal Event
516 Train Me, Please: Using Innovation to Help Employees Remember Training
517 In House Emergency Response: Post-Fall Rescue and Retrieval
518 Architecture Based Safety Instrumented Systems: A New Approach
519 Managing Unsafe Drivers and Their Unsafe Habits
521 Fundamentals of SH&E: Overview of Regulatory Compliance 101A
522 Expo Education: Combustible Dust Hazard: Protecting Workers from Combustible Dust with FR Clothing
525 Practical Dashboard Solutions for Dummies
527 The Secret Weapon: Your Edge for Success
528 Nanotechnolog-E: Explosivity and Environmental Risks
529 Optimizing and Designing for an Aging Population in the Workplace
530 Cancelled
531 What Does the Fire Department Need to Know About You and Why? Becoming Part of the Solution Instead of Being Part of the Problem
532 When No One’s Watching: The Psychology of Self-Motivation
533 Maintaining Employee Productivity: Why An EMC Works!
534 2010 Global Safety and Health Briefing
536 Risk Management of Occupational Disabling Injuries: Beyond Ergonomics
537 The Twenty Foot Rule and Safety Leadership
538 Implementation of a RCA Process for Front Line Supervisors
539 Employee Safety Perception Surveys: Key Steps in the Development and Analysis of Results
540 A Real World Journey: From High-Profile Media and OSHA Adversity to VPP Success
541 Anything But Lecture! How to Use Other Training Approaches and Methods
542 Wholesale/Retail Trade Safety Issues
543 The ANSI/ASSE Z359 Fall Protection Code Grows; How Will New Standards Impact You?
544 Business Continuity: Minimizing the Risks from a Pandemic
551 Back to the Basics CRANES
552 Would You Watch Out For My Safety?
553 New Lead Paint Regulations: OSHA & EPA Updates
554 Ergonomics Solutions for Women in the Workforce
555 Savannah Sugar… Case Studies of Recent Dust Explosions
558 Shelter In Place
559 School District Injuries, Injury rates and Loss Source Controls
560 The Probability Is High That You Can Improve Your Risk Assessment Performance
561 Safety Programs & Return-to-Work Programs: A Value Added Approach
563 Safety is Free - Because Culture is the Key
564 Getting Senior Management to Invest in Changing Safety Cultures
565 Effective Training For Adult Learners
566 Biomechanical Perspectives on Human Walking and Slip, Trip and Fall Events
567 Understanding High-Pressure Injection Injuries
568 ANSI/ASSE Z15.1: The Practical Implications of This Standard
571 Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control 101B
572 Expo Ed: Closing the Loop: A Concept Needed for Continuous Process Improvement
601 Successfully Aligning and Integrating Safety (SH&E) within the Business
602 Big Projects Big Challenges: Constructing the New Meadowlands Stadium
603 ALL ABOARD - Safety Professionals Unite!
604 Case Studies of High Impact Ergonomic Improvements
605 ABC's Establishing and Evaluating a Great Confined Space Rescue Team
606 Does Fully Sprinklered Mean Adequately Protected?
607 Reducing the Systemic Risks of Human Error
608 Using Database Software to Manage IH Exposure Assessment Data
609 Challenges of Implementing U.S. Style Construction Safety and Health Programs in Africa, Asia, and Mexico
610 Avoiding Whistleblower Claims Under the OSH Act and Mine Act
611 GHS in the USA: Past, Present and Future
612 Your Fleet, Risk, Controls, and Insurance; It\'s All Connected
613 The Rise of Serious Incidents and the Proportion of Aging Workers in the Workplace
614 Fighting Workers\' Comp Abuse: Spotting \"Red Flags\" and Taking Appropriate Action
615 Silent Danger: Five Crucial Conversations of a Safety Culture
616 Making a Difference: A Case Study on Developing Effective Training
617 Role of Consensus Standards in the Practice of SH&E
618 Making the Most of Your Fall Protection Investment
620 Fundamentals of SH&E: Workplace Health 101C
621 Expo Ed: Permit-Required Confined Space Entry from an Expert Witness\'s Perspective
625 No More Smoke and Mirrors: Calculating your Real ROI
626 IAQ Issues During Construction and Renovation Projects
627 Business Transaction Due Diligence for Safety Professionals
629 Green Beans & Ice Cream: The Definitive Art of Behavior Change
631 Controlling Impacts of H1N1/PAN Flu on Respiratory Protection Program
634 School Safety
635 Not All Risks Are Alike
636 Techniques for Hazard Recognition for the Field Employee
637 Achieving Operational Excellence Through Safety
638 Management Support: What Do We Really Want?
640 Safety Training That ROCKS!!!
641 Your Workers Use Fall Protection, But Are They Really Safe From Harm?
642 Factors Impacting Certification of Workplace Equipment by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs)
645 Fundamentals of SH&E: Environment 101D
647 How to Protect Your Workforce from Electrical Hazards
650 Effectively Communicating with the Hispanic Workforce
651 Corporate Social Responsibility: The Emerging Role of the SH&E Professional
653 Biotechnology: A New Tool in Safety and Security
654 How to Use the Life Safety Code®
655 Utilizing Worker Expertise and Maximizing the Brain Reward Centers
656 Healthier Workplaces for Healthier Workforces: The Benefits of Implementing Employee Health and Wellness Programs
657 Laboratory Safety
659 When OSHA Comes Calling: Legal Limits on OSHA Inspections
661 Best Practices in Injury Prevention and Return-to-Work: An Integrated Approach
662 Turning Supervisors Into Safety Allies
663 Hazard Recognition and Identification
664 The Seventh Value
665 Advanced Leadership Skills for Standout Safety Culture and Performance
666 Safety Training and Communication Using Web 2.0
667 How to Apply the Latest Developments in Fall Protection to Your Site
670 Expo Ed: HazCom Compliance: Best Practices
676 Expert Witness 201
677 Nanomaterials: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
678 Beyond Compliance: The Human Factor
679 You Can Take Steps to Prepare and Protect Your Organization from Epidemics
680 Corporate Social Responsibility: An International Perspective
681 GAO Review of Efforts to Ensure Accuracy of Injury and Illness Data
682 Ergonomic Successes Through OSHA's Cooperative Programs
684 An Overview of the Federal Permit-Required Confined Space Standard
685 You've Just Promoted Your Best Welder to Foreman, Now What?
686 Electrical Safety Management
687 The Zero-Harm Organization: Shifting Focus from Injuries to Exposures
688 Effective Safety Training: Tips for Engaging the Adult Learner
689 Electrostatic Hazards Associated with Liquid and Powder Handling
690 Managed Fall Protection Programs: A Case Study
691 CSA 2010 Comprehensive Safety Analysis: Overview of FMCSA’s New Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Model
693 Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection 101E
694a Spanish 3: Integración del Entrenamiento Multilingüe para la Industria de la Construcción en la ciudad de Nueva York (Integration of Multilingual Training for the Construction Industry in New York City)
694b Integration of the Multilingual Training in the Construction Industry in New York City
695 Expo Ed: Managing Your Risk Has Its Rewards
702 Photography For Safety Professionals
703 Designing and Permitting SH&E into an Alternative Energy Facility
704 Ergonomics Processes that Get Results: Benchmarking from the Industry Leaders
705 Hit the Ground Running: The EH&S Officer\'s Role in Emergency Work
706 Fire Protection in Manufacturing; Why is it So Difficult?
708 Impact of U.S. Export Regulations on the Timely Response to an Influenza Pandemic
712 The Significance and Impact of New International Risk Standards
713 Disney's Safety by Design
714 Balanced Safety Performance Measurement Systems: First Steps or Fine Tuning
715 How Can Academia and the Safety Industry Support Each Other?
717 Lessons Learned from 40 Process Safety Management Audits
720 Fundamentals of SH&E: Risk Management 101F
721 Expo Ed: Using High Impact 3D Technology to Create Safety Awareness
725 Business Lessons for the SH&E Manager
726 ANSI / ASSE A10.21-200X: Safe Construction and Demolition of Wind Generation/Turbine Facilities
727 The Keys to Developing a Successful Constituents Management System
728 Ergonomics Programs: Moving Forward
729 Safety, Health and Hygiene: Cost-effective, INTEGRATED, Program Strategies
730 Becoming an Effective Occupational Safety and Health Professional in the 21st Century
731 Older Workers: Asset or Liability for Your Company? The Case Study of Metal and Non-metal Mines
732 Risk Assessment: Where to Begin
733 What Has Your Insurance Carrier/Broker Risk Control Consultant Done For You Lately
734 Product Risk Management (PRM) for Safety Professionals
735 Prevention and Management of Occupational Injuries in Manufacturing
737 Overcoming the Organizational Barriers to Safety Excellence
738 Operational Discipline: Does your Organization Do the Job Right Every Time?
739 Safety Training Games and Activities for Everyone
740 Achieving a Safe Driving Culture where Every Driver is a Safe Driver
741 Introduction to Basic Scaffold Safety
742 ASSE Government Affairs Committee Update
744a Spanish 4: Entrenamiento en Liderazgo basado en un Enfoque Cultural para Supervisores de Construcción que trabajan con trabajadores Hispanos (Proyecto en desarrollo) (Leadership Training for Construction Supervisors Working with Hispanic Workers Based on a Cultural Approach (On going Project)
744b Awareness Training Program for Residential Construction Supervisors Working with Multicultural Populations
745 Expo Ed: Human Error Elimination: Keeping Your Head in the Game
750 The Implementation of Business Decision Making Tools in Incident Rate Prediction
751 Roadway Safety + and Summary of ANSI A10.47 Work Zone Safety
753 Environmental Concerns in Buildings, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
754 Working Safely Goes Against Human Nature
758 OSHA\'s Refinery NEP: Where Do We Stand?
759 Using A Risk Management Platform to Manage Corporate Safety Programs
760 Identifying Cultural Hazards: Four Clues that You May Be Out of Balance
761 Rules of Thumb and Safety Truisms: True, False, or Not Even Close?
763 Z-10 Management Leadership and Employee Participation
764 Electrical Safety Risk Management
765 Transportation Ergonomics: Factors Leading to Discomfort and Injury
768 Fundamentals of SH&E: Basic Safety Management 101G
769 Expo Ed: Development of Combined Performance Fabrics
775 Using Podcasts to Improve Safety: A Versatile New Communication Media
777 A Sustainable Approach: Ergonomic Success Story For Meat Processing
778 Protecting Your People and Posterior: 17 Mistakes in Creating Your ERP
780 Achieving Health, Safety and Environment Targets under a Diverse Workforce
781 VPP: Leaders in Safety & Health Excellence
782 A Balanced Scorecard for Safety
783 Preventing Major Losses
784 Reinventing the Organization to Effectively Manage Safety Performance
785 Safety from an Executive’s Point of View: Turning Complaints into Efficiencies
786 Achieving a Zero Incident Safety Culture: Fact or Fiction?
787 Safety Step-Change: Moving Leadership Engagement from Good to Great
788 Training Employees To Protect Themselves From Dog Attacks!
789 What You Don't Know Can Kill You
790 Ethical Issues Concerning Confined Spaces