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Safety 2011 Proceedings

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501 Social Media, Smart Phones, and e-Learning for Safety and Health Professionals
502 Volunteer Leadership: Motivating Members into Action
502,"Safety   y otros materiales educativos desarrollados a travǸs de Grupos de Alianzas con OSHA. La presentaciÇün tambiǸn describirÇ­ otros recursos de Seguridad sin costo disponibles en Norte AmǸrica y Europa que pueden ser de utilidad para empleados de habla espaÇñola y/o profesionales de seguridad que sirvan plantas o proyectos con empleados de habla Hispana.

This session will cover the training resources available at no cost on the OSHA web site, including training materials and information in Spanish

503 Building LIFE: How to Get Craft Truly Engaged in Construction Projects
504 Corporate Social Responsibility: How Can You Add Value as a SH&E Professional?
505 Childbearing-Aged Women's Exposures to Multiple Environmental Chemicals
506 Sustaining and Leveraging High Impact Ergonomic Improvements
507 Fire Pre-Incident Planning: Understanding if There is a Problem
510 Human Error Elimination: Keeping Your Head in the Game
511 CSIRO Striving for Zero Harm in a Diverse Work Environment
512 Getting the Best Out of Collateral Safety Representatives in the Public Sector
515 A Severity Study in Reverse: Testing Heinrich's Safety Pyramid
516 Six Safety Leadership: Energizing & Sustaining Safety Momentum
517 Identifying Cultural Hazards: Four Clues That You May Be Out of Balance
518 What Have We Learned from the BP Catastrophe?
519 Proactive Safety Professionals Create Successful Fall Protection Solutions
520 Machine Safety: New and Updated Consensus Standards... What You Need to Know
521 Successful Training and Its Essential Elements via Case Stories!
522 Do You Really Know What's Going On in Your Fleet?
524 Fundamentals of SH&E: Overview of Regulatory Compliance 101A
551 The Zen of the Business-Aligned Safety Program
552 Practicing Diversity in the Workplace to Achieve Organization Goals
553 OSHA Construction-Cranes, Confined Space, Data, Residential, Steel Erection, etc.
554 PCBs in Building Materials and the Implications for the Construction Industry
556 Environmental Compliance for the Safety Manager
557 Ergonomics for Telecommuters and Other Remote Workers
559 Mayo Clinic's Approach to an Integrated Safety Program
560 People-Powered Safety: Oldies but Goodies from Dr. G.
561 Lessons from China: ASSE's 2010 Delegation to Shanghai and Beijing
562 School Safety: The Charter School Challenge
565 100 Years of Workers' Compensation
569 How New Z359 Standards Influence a Maturing Fall Protection Industry
570 Process Safety: It's Rocket Science, but it Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist
571 Implications of ANSI/ASSE Z590.3: A Prevention through Design Standard
572 Effective Training For Adult Learners
574 Spanish Session: Delivering the Safety Message Across Cultures - Llevando el Mensaje de Seguridad a Traves de Culturas
601 Depositions for Safety Professionals
605 The Growing Problem in Ergonomics: Obesity
606 Dust Explosion... Updates on NFPA 654 and OSHA Combustible Dust National Emphasis
607 Wellness, an Essential Component of H, S & E Improvement and Incident Prevention
608 Women in Safety: Gender Issues and Challenges Over the Years
610 Evolution of Health and Safety Regulation, Management and a Profession in the UK
612 A Risk Management Model for the Home Health Services Industry
613 How to Make Matrix Methods of Risk Analysis More Effective and Accurate
614 Safety the Team Approach for Effective Leaders
618 Auditing Mechanical Integrity Programs in PSM-Covered Facilities
619 OSHA's Proposed Subpart D and I: What's the Big Deal?
621 Distracted Driving: What's your Company's Policy
622 Expo Education: When Is It Time to Replace Your AED?
623 Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control 101B
631 Driving Performance in any Organizational Structure
632 The Uninspiring Leader: 10 Fatal Flaws that Cripple Leaders' Effectiveness
633 Generating a Safety Culture in Construction: How to Create a Safety STEP-Change
634 Sustainable Fleet: Impact of Fleet Safety Management on Sustainability Goals
636 Footwear Characteristics and Potential Implications on Worker Safety
637 Human Vibration
639 Fall Protection: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
640 Complacency, The Silent Killer
641 Contractors in Contingency Operations: Supporting Operation Enduring Freedom
643 Communicating During a Crisis: A Case Study of the BP Oil Spill
644 Safety on the Road: Risk-Based Management of Non-Regulated Fleets
645 Building Your Safety Culture: Practical Applications
647 The Power of Safety and Health Management Systems
652 Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection 101C
661 How to Promote the Business Value of EHS
663 Project Safety-Starting and Sustaining a Strong Process
664 Corporate Social Responsibility: An International Perspective
665 Biosafety and Biosecurity: Regulations to Protect Dual Use Technology
666 The Restoration Industry: An Important Ally for Safety and Health Professionals
667 The Crosshairs: When Do You Really Need an IH Assessment and By Whom?
670 Winning the Hearts and Minds of Workers in a Foreign Culture for SHE Success
672 Conducting Health & Safety Audits That Protect Employees & Business
673 Concept of Dynamic Risk Assessment: Does it Apply Everywhere?
674 Safe by Accident?: Safety Practices that Take the Luck out of Safety
675 Building a Desired Safety Culture: Controlling Loss Producing Variability
676 Overcoming Organizational Barriers to Safety and Health Excellence
677 Incentives in Safety: Considerations for Leaders
678 OSHA, Construction and Industry Working Ever Closer Together on Fall Protection
679 Electrical Safety for Your Other Employees
681 Safety, Seguridad, Securite: Training a Multicultural Workforce
682 What's the Tweet? Distracted Driving Myths, Reality and Corporate Liability
683 Expo Education: Sprains & Strains: The Silver Bullet!
701 Pipelines and Grids: Tools from Executive Coaching for Safety Leaders
7010 Advancing Your Career: From Safety Manager to Business Partner
7020 Confined Space in Construction
703 The Silver Bullet: US Army Corps of Engineers EM385-1-1 Construction Standard
7030 A Decade Since Columbine: What We Learned, What We Did, and What We Need To Do
704 Achieving Safety Excellence in Construction: Beyond Compliance
7040 Green and Safe: Why not Both?
705 Responding to Emergencies, First Considerations
7050 Patient Care Ergonomics: Biomechanical Drivers for Patient Handling Technology
706 Controlling Occupational Exposures to Historically Hazardous Materials
7070 Food at Rest is Food at Risk
7080 Engagement: Does it Really Matter?
709 Radiation and Silica Risks to Granite Countertop Workers
710 International Forum
7100 Public Employers: Is This YOUR Work Zone?
711 OSHA's VPP Continues to Bring Value
7110 Emerging Issue in Safety Management and Coordination of Risk Control Services for Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs)
712 Integrating Your Approach to Safety and Claims Management
7120 Aligning Risk Assessment & Risk Mitigation Methodology with Business Processes
714 The Layered Approach to Hazard Recognition
7140 Increasing Hazard Reporting with a Just Safety Culture
715 Managing System Driven Incidents: A Holistic Approach
7150 Told Employee to Pay Attention: How is Your Investigation Process Performing?
716 Supervisor? You've Got to Be Kidding!
7160 Determination of Weighting Factors in the Improvement of Incident Rate Analysis
718 Performing Arc Flash Hazard Analysis on Wind Farms
7180 Fall Protection or Base Jumping: Vertical Lifelines on the Job Site
719 Delivering Safety at Height in the Workplace
7190 Electrical Safety on Multi-Employer Worksites
720 Bag of Tricks: Presentation Design
721 Motor Vehicle Crash Analysis: Obtaining Honest Answers About Vehicle Collisions
7210 Expo Education: Layers of Protection: Minimizing the Impact of Combustible Dust
722 Expo Education: Smart Safety Design to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls
7220 Fundamentals of SH&E: Basic Safety Management 101G
723 Fundamentals of SH&E: Workplace Health 101D
726 Business Lessons for the SH&E Manager: The Difference Maker
727 Selling Safety By Selling Yourself
728 Meeting New Legislative and Regulatory Challenges for MSHA Compliance
729 OSHA Construction & General Industry Standards: Important Differences
730 Disaster Psychology: Dispelling the Myths of Panic
731 Auditing Your Ergonomic Process: Ensuring Success and Sustainability
735 Safe Resident Transfer in the Assisted Living Environment
736 A Beginners Guide to Accident Reporting Outside of the United States
738 Experience Modification Rates: Are They an Accurate Measure of Safety?
741 The Thirteen Safety Functions of a Good Supervisor
742 Near Miss Reporting: The Missing Link of Safety Culture Revolution
744 BioEngineering Analysis of Design Disparities and Female Injury Rates
745 What's New in The ANSI Fall Protection Code, Hazard Analysis and Rescue Planning
746 The Nano Label: Developments and Potential Human Factor Issues
747 Advancing Your Safety Career with Online Education
748 Expo Education: Is Your OSHA Inspector Looking for NFPA 2112 Compliance?
749 Fundamentals of SH&E: Environment 101E
751 Showing EHS Value Through Return On Investment (ROI)
753 Implementing a CSR Process: A Natural Evolution of SH&E Excellence & Culture
755 The Fire Prevention Plan, Another Type of Hazard Analysis
756 Fit for Duty Functional Testing for New Hires and Return to Work
757 200 Years of ASSE
761 GHS - It's Coming Sooner than You May Think... Are You Prepared?
762 Prioritizing Risks: A Cost Benefit Approach
765 Occupational Dog Bite Prevention: Helping to Protect Employees from Dog Attacks!
766 Four Components to a Safety Program that Works!
767 Safety in the Bizarro World
768 Identifying Confined Spaces
769 Natural Gas Piping & Purging: 10 Hazards and How to Avoid Them
770 Using Fall Protection Procedures in the Real World
772 Trucking Industry Benchmarks and Best Practices
773 Expo Education: Proposed Amendments to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
774 Spanish Session: Reducing Falls and Silica Exposure in the Construction Industry ”Preliminary Lessons Learned - Reduciendo las Caídas y la Exposición a Sílice en la Industria de la Construcción—Preliminares Lecciones Aprendidas
776 Safety Ethics: Who Comes First the Employer or the Employees?
777 If You Can Manage an All Volunteer Organization You Can Manage Your Own
778 Building Safety Culture with Latino and Non-Latino Construction Workers
779 Interventions for Overhead and Concrete Drilling
780 Failure to Rescue = Confined Space Fatalities
781 Lithium Batteries: What Every SH&E Manager Must Know
782 Welding and Industrial Hygiene: The Science of the Welding Process
784 Keeping People Safe: The Human Dynamics of Injury Prevention
788 Managing Contractors in a General Industry Environment
790 Achieving an All Employee 100% Committed Safety Culture
794 Safety Engineering and the Design Review Process: Prevention through Design
795 Dice, Crayons and Taboo: Bringing the Life Back to Safety
796 Using ANSI/ASSE Z15.1 as the Foundation for Fleet Safety Program Evaluations
798 Fundamentals of SH&E: Basics of Risk Management 101F
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