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501 Case Study: SHE by Design Lead Exclusively by Management (A)
502 Would You Watch Out For My Safety (BIAE)
504 Toward Sustainable Development, Adapting to New Business Challenges (I)
505 Going Green without Ending Up in the Red: Clean Tech Safety (I)
508 Wellness: The Intersect of a Productive Worker (I)
509 Unlocking the Code to Human Error (I)
510 Migrant workers: Sustainable not Disposable - A Challenge for Safety and Society (I)
511 Regulation of Nanotechnology (B)
512 Loss Control - The Mind and Soul of Underwriting (A)
514 Achieving a 100% Employee Committed Safety Culture: Strategies and Activities (B)
515 Navigating Change: A Roadmap for EHS Integration (A-E)
516 Zero Accidents was the goal of the... Titanic! (E)
517 Successfully Implementing Safety Management Systems (I)
519 Fall Protection System Certification: Take No Chances (I)
521 Expo Education: Putting PPE Solutions to the Test - Onsite Pour Testing for PPE Evaluation (B-I-A-E)
522 Fundamentals of SH&E: Overview of Regulatory Compliance 101A
526 How to Promote the Business Value of EHS (I)
527 Dream Job: A Comprehensive Approach to Fast-Tracking Your Career (B)
528 Restoration of the Reflecting Pool between Lincoln Memorial + Washington Monument (I)
529 Introduction to Basic Scaffold Safety (B)
530 Emergency Preplanning and Prevention Activities-The Key to a Successful Failure (B-I)
531 Welding and Industrial Hygiene: The Welding Process and Lessons Learned (I)
533 Critical Infrastructure - What it Means to the Safety Practitioner (I)
534 Best Practices of Contractor SH&E Management in Multi National Companies (I-E)
535 Safety & Health Management Programs for the Mining Industry (I)
538 Risk: Assessing & Mitigating to Deliver Sustainable Safety Performance (I)
539 Actively Caring for People: A Worldwide Movement for Safety, Security, and Peace (B-I-A-E)
540 Safety Culture from the Safety Professional's Perspective (I)
541 Near Miss Reporting: The Missing Link of Safety Culture Revolution (A)
542 Design The Hazards Away: Prevention Is The Cure (A)
543 Electrical Safety by Design and Maintenance (I)
545 Bag of Tricks - Presentation Design (B-I)
546 Expo Education: Implementing a Safety Management System to Achieve World-Class Safety Performance (A)
547 Spanish Session: Leading Changes in Occupational Safety and Health - Liderizando Cambios en Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional
551 Business Lessons: The Politics of Safety and Managing Up (A)
553 Will Sustainability and CSR Expand Safety's Focus? (I)
554 Hostile Intruder, What Do We Do Now? (I)
556 Combustible Dust? Managing the Hazards (B)
557 Infection Control Risk Assessments: Across the Construction Continuum (I-A)
558 Medical Standards for Job Medical Evaluations: How to Design and Manage (I)
559 Holistic? Behavior Based? Forget What You Call It, Here's What Works (B)
560 Implications of the Aging Workforce (B-E)
561 Is the Safety On or Off? OSHA Takes Aim at Workplace Violence (B)
563 Is Your Health and Fitness Club Really Healthy and Safe? Best RM Practices (B-I)
564 On the Prevention of Serious Injuries & Fatalities (E)
566 Implementation of ANSI Z-10 Process (A)
567 Compatibility: Your Connection (I)
568 Slip Sliding Away: Tribometers, Slip Testing and the Standards (B-I)
569 What's Your Story? Understanding Work Cultures by Listening To Their Stories (I)
570 Navigating the Hazmat Transportation Training Requirements (B-I-A)
571 Expo Education: Are Your Hands Being Protected? (B)
572 Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control 101B
601 Demonstrating Safety Performance Through Leading Indicators (I)
605 TSCA: A Safety Professional's Comprehensive Overview (I)
607 Current Issues in Exposure Assessment for Nanoparticles (A)
608 Managing Rule-Breaking (B-I-A)
612 Six Steps Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: A Successful Journey for the Safety Professional (I)
613 The Science of Safety Leadership: Building a Sustainable Safety Culture (I)
615 Distracted Driving: A Fresh Perspective (B)
616 ANSI Z10 and Advancements in Electrical Safety Management (A)
617 Abating Fall Hazards Before They're Created (I)
618 Not Your Ordinary Safety Training - Part 2 (I)
619 The CSA 2010: Drivers, Employers and Customers (A-E)
620 Expo Education: Health Promotion and Risk Factors: Developing a Roadmap for Prevention (I)
621 Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection 101C
626 Success (and Failure) in the C-Suite (I-A-E)
627 Case Studies on How to be Successful as an Expert Witness (B-I-A-E)
630 What if Your Sprinkler System Fails? The Critical Need for Fire Pump Testing (I)
631 Reducing Musculoskeletal Injuries via Innovative Wellness/First aid Solutions (A)
632 Green Beans & Ice Cream: The Recipe For Behavior Change (I)
633 Are There Challenges With Supplying Standardized PPE Internationally? You Bet! (I)
634 Demystifying GHS: Embracing the Largest HazCom Change in History (I)
635 Risk Management Is More Than Safety: Employment Law for Safety Managers (B)
636 Applications of Cause-Consequence Diagrams in Operational Risk Assessment (I)
638 DOD Utilization of Employee Safety Perception Surveys (A)
639 Identifying Cultural Hazards: Four Clues That You May Be Out Of Balance (A-E)
640 STEPS (Strategic Targets for Excellent Performance in Safety) (E)
641 Making Prevention Through Design Work for You (I)
642 Fall Protection and Cranes: How to Provide Fall Protection in Industrial Crane Environments (I)
643 Safety Training Games on a Budget (B-I-A)
645 Spanish Session: Hoist & Crane Safety from Within: How to Prevent a Potentially Disastrous Incident - Seguridad con Gr?as y Polipastos desde el Interior de la Empresa: Como Prevenir un Posible Incidente Catastr?fico
652 The Changing Face of the Safety Profession: Moving towards International Standards of Competency for Safety Professionals (I)
653 Why the Ergonomics Standard A 10.40 Is the Future of All Standards (B-I)
654 Producing a Sustainability Report (A)
656 Visual Ergonomics in the Workplace (I)
657 Mobile Applications for the Safety and Health Professional (B-I)
660 OSHA Recordkeeping and Claims Reporting Requirements
661 Insurance Safety Representatives: They're All the Same _ Right? (I)
662 Using ANSI/ASSE Z690.2 to Assess the Maturity and Adequacy of Your RM System (I)
663 From Dogs to Eagles; Leading an Organization into Excellence (I-E)
664 Supervisors - Are They All They Can Be? (I)
665 Assessing and Developing Your Safety Culture (A-E)
666 The New ANSI Z10 Standard versus the OSHA Proposed I2P2 Standard (I)
667 A New Era in Visual Safety Communications: ANSI Z535.2-2011 (I)
669 Integrating Telematics into Fleet Safety: Part of a Fleet Safety Program (B-I-A)
670 Expo Education: Stopping Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in the Workplace (B)
671 Fundamentals of SH&E: Environment 101D
676 Education across Cultures (I-A-E)
677 Construction Behavioral Safety Observations: Planning, Pitfalls & Peak Performance (B-I)
679 Water Harvesting for Pollution Reduction and Revenue Enhancement: Protecting the Triple Bottom Line (I)
680 Ergonomics & the Mobile Environment (I)
681 Combustible Dust - What Does OSHA Look For and How Do I Comply? (B-I)
682 Climatology vs. Physiology: Climate Change and Aging Workforce Adaptability (I-E)
683 Tool Kit for Successfully Motivating Employees to Make Safe Choices (A)
684 Preventing and Managing Workplace Violence: A Canadian Perspective (A)
685 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Answers Your EM 385-1-1 Questions (I-A)
687 Top 10 Reasons Organizations Don't Perform Good Risk Assessments (A)
688 Risk Managers are from Mars, EHS Professionals are from Venus (I-A)
689 Leading a Safety Cultural Journey: Merging Culture and Performance (A-E)
691 Building Greater "Personal Responsibility? For Safety: With Workers & Managers (A-E)
692 How to Protect Your Organization Against Fall Protection Litigation (I)
693 Gas Testing for Confined Space Entry (I)
694 Creating Web-based Multimedia Training - For Subject Matter Experts (I)
696 Fundamentals of SH&E: Workplace Health 101E
701 Rate Setting and Insurance: Double Trouble for Consultants? (A)
702 Case Study for Achieving Zero Injury Through a Contractor Assurance Program (A-E)
703 Prevention through Design (PtD): Combining Risk Assessment, Productivity and Sustainability (I)
704 Cost of Environmental Risk - You Can Not Stay Competitive, If You Do Not Manage (B-I-A)
705 Effective Management of Ergonomics: Best Practices from Current Benchmarking (A)
707 Addressing Pain Before it Becomes a Claim (E)
708 Compliance vs. Injury Prevention (I)
709 International Leadership Forum (I-A-E)
710 A Zero Incident Safety Culture is No Accident (B)
711 Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: Concepts and Controversies (I)
713 The Zero Index: Safety as Strategy (E)
714 Creating and Sustaining Safety Culture Excellence (A)
715 Predicting & Preventing: Using Leading Indicators to Assess Safety Performance (I)
716 Electric Arc Flash Protection: A Look to OSHA (B-I-A-E)
717 A Systems Approach to Accident Analysis (I)
718 Why Isn't Anyone in the Classroom? Market and Promote Training More Effectively! (I-A)
720 Spanish Session: Hispanic Workers' Perceptions of Health and Safety at the Construction Site / Percepciones de los Trabajadores Hispanos con relaci?n a la Salud y Seguridad en el Sitio de Trabajo
728 Metrics That Matter: How Flowserve Became "One of America's Safest Companies" (A)
732 OSHA in Healthcare: Out of Sight & Out of Mind? (B-I-A-E)
734 Forecasting Nano Law: The Bright Path Ahead for Workplace Safety and NanoMedicine (B)
737 Advanced Technology Connecting Corporate Risk Management with Field Safety Assessment (I)
738 Improving Safety Culture? Developing a Laser Focused Safety Vision (I)
739 Occupational Dog Bite Prevention: Helping to Protect Employees from Dog Attacks! (B-I-A-E)
740 How to Specify and Purchase Fall Protection Systems to Get What You Really Need (B)
741 Lockout/Tagout and Machine Guarding - The _Minor Servicing? Exemption (I-A)
742 Keys to Success for the "Incidental Trainer" (B-I)
743 The Magic 8-Ball of Driver Safety - Creating a Safe Workplace for Drivers (I)
744 Expo Education: Heading Translation Issues Off at the Pass: Legal Issues & Other Considerations (B-I)
745 Fundamentals of SH&E: Risk Management 101F
748 ASSE's 2011 Delegation to Brazil (B-I-A-E)
751 Enhancing Safety Performance via Safety Specific Transformational Leadership (I)
753 Controlling Exposures to Historically Hazardous Materials (I)
754 Ergonomics and Behavioral-based Interventions for an Aging Workforce (I-A)
755 Exposure Assessment: What is it, and What Does it Mean (A)
756 Building Bridges Breaking Barriers (BBBB) in a Changing World (I)
757 What is the REAL Answer for Injury Reduction? (I-A)
759 Safety _ You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure (I-A-E)
760 Prairie Waters OCIP, Aurora Colorado: A Case Study of Success (I-A)
764 Using System Safety Techniques to Perform Hazard Analysis (A)
765 A Confined Space Entry Program You Can Live With and Won't Cost an Arm and a Leg (I)
766 The New Frontier of Safety Training Going Mobile and Micro (A)
767 Implementing a Successful Global Driver Safety Program: The Pfizer Case (A-E)
768 Expo Education: NFPA 70E: Changes and Implications for 2012 (I-A-E)
769 Fundamentals of SH&E: Basic Safety Management 101G
776 Advancing Your Career: From Safety Leader to Business Partner (A)
777 Implementing Effective Fall Protection Practices in Residential Construction (I)
778 The Next Generation of SMB Emergency Response and Business Continuity Planning (I)
779 Establishing and Measuring Environmental Goals (B-I-A)
780 A Healthy Workforce: How Workers' Comp and Wellness Programs Go Together (B)
781 Hand Arm Vibration: A Simplified Approach to Risk Assessment and Prevention (I-A)
782 OSHA Strategic Partnership Program; an Effective Education for Latino Workers (A-E)
785 Safety and Risk Management of Nuclear Power Plants: Is Public Opinion Relevant? (B-I-A-E)
786 FRC 101: An Overview of Standards, Testing, and Options (B-I)
788 Are We Really Serious about Safety? (E)
790 Assessing Risk for First of a Kind Equipment (I)
791 Strategies, Methodologies and Challenges: How Two Companies Have Implemented ANSI Z10 and OHSAS 18001 (I-E)
792 Gearing-up for the Revised 2012 NFPA 70E Electrical/Arc Flash Requirements (I)
793 Building an Effective Training Management System (I)
794 Expo Education: ANSI Z359.2 Fall Hazard Survey Report and Rescue Plan (I)