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502 How to Sell Safety to Difficult Employees and Managers (I)
503 Construction Standards - OSHA or A10??? Just What Are the Differences and How Should They Be Used? (I)
504 The Power of Water: Assessing Your Risk of Water Related Perils and Formulating a Response Plan (I)
505 Strategies & Skills For Preventing Both Hand Injuries and Strains/Sprains (A)
506 Combustible Dust... Elements of Dust Hazard Assessment (B-I)
507 OSHA in Healthcare: Have We Finally Got Their Attention? (B, I, A, E)
508 Would You Watch Out For My Safety - A Leadership Perspective (B-I-A-E)
509 Practical Steps for Addressing Fitness-For-Duty (I)
510 International Safety Management Issues - 2 Part Session
511 Enhancing Safety Barriers for the Next Generation of GOM Drilling MODUs (A)
512 I2P2 - How Does the California Experience Impact the Federal Debate? (I)
513 Risk Assessment - The Missing Link for EHS Professionals (A-E)
514 So You're Retired? Not So Fast - Attacking Injuries of an Aging Workforce (I-A)
515 Complacency: The Silent Killer (B-I-A)
516 DIY BBS - Making It Work on a Global Scale (I)
517 Improving Safety Culture, Behavior and Management Practices to Prevent Injuries (I)
518 Effectively Addressing Unexpected Fall Protection Needs (B)
519 Lockout/Tagout and Machine Guarding - The ?Minor Servicing? Exception (B-I-A)
520 The Safety Journey of an Arc Flash Survivor (Human Behaviors and Hazard Recognition) (A-E)
526 Delivering Messages to Your Board in a Way that will Ensure They will Listen (B-I-A-E)
527 Top 10 OSHA Citations Under the New Crane Standard and How to Avoid Them (I)
528 CORESafety: A New Direction in U.S. Mine Safety & Health Management (I)
529 Plant Emergency Organizations - Achieving a Positive Outcome When an Emergency Occurs (B-I-A)
530 Brave the Storm: Managing Storm-water Pollution and Reducing Environmental Impact (B-I-A)
531 Reducing Risk in Paradise - Steps the Atlantis Resort Took to Improve Guest Safety (I)
532 The Human Dynamics of Safety: 20 Safety-Management Errors with Simple Solutions (B-I-A-E)
533 What are the 85-3 Coalition and the Dangerous Decibels Program (I)
537 "What are the Odds" - The Probability of an Accident (I)
539 Health and Safety Management Systems - A Comparative Analysis of Content & Impact (I)
540 Safety's Impact on Sustainability (A)
541 Practical Approaches to Implementing a H&S Management System: OHSAS 18001 & ANSI Z10 (A)
542 Industrial Electrical Safety Inspections (I)
543 Bag of Tricks - Presentation Design 2 (B-I)
544 Supervisors - Safety Asset or Liability (I)
545 Safe Driving For Every Season (I)
546 Fundamentals of SH&E: Overview of Regulatory Compliance 101A
550 Driving Profitability While Protecting Your Employees' Safety and Well Being (A)
551 Tweet Your Way Through Your Next Crisis? Social Media and Crisis Communications (I-A)
552 Experience Modification Rates - An Accurate Measure of Safety Performance? (B-I-A-E)
553 Safe Handling, Storage and Transportation of Compressed Gas Cylinders (I)
554 Ergonomics & the Mobile Environment (B)
555 Work Site Stretching Programs - Five Key Processes for Continuous Improvement (I)
557 An Insight into Significant Challenges Faced by the SH&E Profession - An International Prospective (I-E)
558 Surface Spills in Hydraulic Fracturing and Recommendations for Safety Management (I)
559 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About GHS and HazCom 2012 (B-I-A)
560 Risk Management and Its Impact on Environmental Health and Safety (I)
563 Beyond Safety... Identifying and Overcoming the Barriers that Prevent Organizational Safety Performance Excellence (A-E)
564 The Evolution of Safety: What Your CEO Should Know (E)
565 There Is No Glory In Fighting A Fire That Could Have Been Prevented (B-I)
568 Identifying and Changing Behaviors Responsible for Trucking Industry Injuries (I)
570 Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control 101B
601 Elements of Leadership and the Safety Professional (I)
602 Safety Professionals' Role in Preventing Construction Safety Contract Issues (I)
603 17 Mistakes Made in Emergency Plans and How to Avoid & Correct Them (E)
604 Environmental Assessments and Trends - What You Know and How They Affect You! (B)
606 What If Your Sprinkler System Fails? The Critical Need for Fire Pump Testing (I)
607 The Critical Role of Relationships and Trust in Safety Cultures (I)
608 Settling the Dust: Silica Past, Present and Future (I)
609 International EHS Regulations and Investigations - 2 Part Session
611 Harmonizing Performance Metrics - The Key to Implementing Organizational Change (A-E)
612 Effective Risk Assessment in TA, JHA, WMS, Take 5 and Incident Investigation (I)
613 Legally Effective Incentive and Disciplinary Programs (I)
614 Product Safety - Expanding the Safety Professional Role (I)
616 Sustainability at Any Speed (I)
617 Fall Arrest Clearance Calculations Made Easy (B-I-A-E)
618 Developing and Implementing an Effective System Safety Program for Chemical Weapons Demilitarization (I)
619 Controlling Fleet Liability Risks that Could Drive You Out of Business (A)
620 The Five Cultural Barriers to Workplace Safety (I)
621 Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection 101C
626 Streamlining Safety Operations Through Widespread Use of Mobility Tablets (B-I)
627 Human Capital Concerns of Continuity Planning (B-I)
628 A Healthy Workforce: How Workers' Comp and Wellness Programs Go Together (B)
629 Disney's Mission Possible: Preventing Body Motion Injuries Over the Long Run (I)
631 The Impact of Anti-Corruption Legislation on EH&S Professionals (I)
632 An Overview of Energy Management System (ISO 50001) with Its Implementation Plan (I)
634 OSHA Recordkeeping and Workers' Compensation Claims Reporting Requirements (I)
635 A Canadian Perspective on Applying ISO 31000 (ANSI Z690) RMP (I)
636 Improving Manufacturing Safety and Performance Using Integrated Risk Management (B-I-A-E)
638 Managing Diversity for Safety, Health & Environmental Excellence (I-A)
640 SAFE by Choice (I)
641 Futuristic Fall Protection Now! (I-A)
643 Safety Training Activities for Manufacturing (B-I-A)
644 Innovative Methods to Reduce Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Workplace (I)
645 Fundamentals of SH&E: Environment 101D
650 How to Promote the Business Value of Safety and Health (I)
651 Conflict Management Strategies for the Real World (B-I)
652 Renewable Energy - Renewing the Commitment to Safety Compliance (I)
653 Introduction to Basic Scaffold Safety (B)
654 Demystifying Asbestos: Updates and Emerging Issues (I)
656 Design Facilities to Prevent Deflagrations (B-I)
657 Green Beans & Ice Cream: The Remarkable Power of Positive Reinforcement (I-A-E)
658 Injury Management: Making a Difference One Life at a Time (B)
659 International Health Issues - 2 Part Session
660 The 2012 Presidential Election's Impact on OSHA and Workplace Safety & Health (B)
661 Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs: Partnering with Your Insurance Carrier (I)
663 Creating and Utilizing a Functional Root Cause Analysis Database (B-I)
665 Linking Safety Performance to Organizational Strategy (B-I-A)
666 Incorporating Prevention through Design Methods into the Design/Redesign Process (I)
667 ANSI B11 & Machine Safeguarding Risk Assessment: Achieving Acceptable Risk (B)
668 Developing a Training Program for Confined Space Entry Atmospheric Monitoring (I)
669 Develop and Sustain an Effective Fleet Safety Program - Z15 Can Help (A)
670 PPE Selection 2013 (I)
671 Spanish Session Promoting Occupational Health with a Diverse Workforce: NIOSH and OSHA Experience with Latino Immigrant Workers - Promoviendo la Salud Ocupacional con una Fuerza Laboral Diversa: La Experiencia de NIOSH y OSHA con Trabajadores Inmigrantes Latinos
675 Business Lessons: Your Political Survival Kit (I)
677 Revalidation of the Contractor Assurance Program for Achieving Zero Injury (A-E)
678 Nuts and Bolts of Effective Ergonomics Programs (I)
679 Wellness, an Essential Component of H, S & E Improvement and Incident Prevention (I)
680 The ?Science? of the Welding Process and Exposure Assessments (I-A)
681 Building and Implementing a Global Offshore Safety Standard (B-I-A-E)
683 Product Safety - Risk Management Fundamentals for the Safety Professional (B)
684 Risk Management to Risk Elimination - Incident Prevention Using Data and Design (A)
685 STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence (A)
686 Predicting, Preventing & Eliminating: The 4 Safety Truths from Your Observations (I)
687 Employee Engagement Strategies for Implementation of a Safety Management System (I)
688 Foundations of Safety Sustainability at the Bottom of the Pyramid _ A Case Study (I-A-E)
689 ANSI Z10: A Model for Business Management Systems Integration (A-E)
690 Crane Safety: Are You Prepared to Hold the Load of a Major Incident? (B-I-A)
691 What's Wrong with Mandatory Safety Training (and How to Fix It) (I-A)
692 How Perdue Farms Implemented a Video-Based Driver Risk Management Program (I)
694 Fundamentals of SH&E: Workplace Health 101E
701 Advancing Your Career: From Safety Leader to Business Partner (A-E)
702 Industrial Hygiene for the Construction Industry (I)
703 Residential Construction Fall Protection Update (I)
704 Emergency Preplanning and Prevention Activities - The Key to a Successful Failure (B-I)
705 Safety Gone Viral: How to Get Innovations Adopted (A)
706 Oh, Baby - How to Handle OSHA's ?Unborn Child? and ?Breastfed Children? (A)
707 International Leadership Forum: Global Harmonization - Regulatory Implementation (A-E)
708 Developing a Risk Based Recommended Practice for Fire Resistive Clothing (I)
709 Evolving Trends in Improving Safety and Security in Schools (B-I)
711 Integrating Risk Management and Prevention through Design (PtD) Standards (I)
712 Emergent Leadership: Drive Safety Excellence Through Trust, Accountability and Passion (A)
715 The Synergy of Environmental Health and Safety and Sustainability (A)
716 Changing Attitudes - The Key to Protecting Workers at Height (I)
717 Prevention through Design - Slips, Trips and Falls (I)
718 Successful Use of Mobile Apps in m-Learning and Risk Communication (B-I)
719 DOT Compliance and Auto Safety (I)
721 Fundamentals of SH&E: Risk Management 101F
728 What Not to Do When Converting to the Globally Harmonized System (I-A)
729 Five Approaches to Managing Musculoskeletal Disorders at Work (B)
731 Employee Maintenance - Onsite Center Creating a "Fit for Duty" Workforce (I-A)
733 Addressing Mold as a Health Hazard and the Environmental Management of Mold (B)
734 International Country Reports: India and South Korea - 2 Part Session
737 The True Value of Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (B-I-A-E)
739 Using Supervisor Safety Audits as a Leading Indicator (A)
740 New Research and Findings from the NIOSH Division of Safety Research (I)
741 Identifying Target Facilities for Audits Based on Risk Factors (A)
745 Spanish Session Exposure Assessment with Direct Reading Instruments on Construction Sites - Evaluaci?n de la Exposici?n con Instrumentacion de Lectura Directa en la Construcci
750 Why Every Safety Professional/Manager Must Understand the Ideas of Peter F. Drucker (E)
751 Leader Roles in Creating Trust and Open Communication (A)
752 Engaging the Supplemental Workforce - A Contractor Viewpoint (B)
753 Effective Confined Space Entry Team Member Training (I-A)
755 Mindful Movements in the Workplace (B)
756 The Value of Vulnerability: How to Help Your Workers Realize Their Risk (I)
757 The Evaluation, Collection and Management of Exposure Assessment Data (I)
758 Process Safety vs. Personal Safety - Can't We Get Along With One? (I-A-E)
760 Risk Managers are from Mars, EHS Professionals are from Venus (B-I-A-E)
761 Designing Effective Safety Interventions (I)
762 Safety is Not a Gamble: Risk Management Lessons from the Poker Table (B-I)
763 Safety Stand Downs: Turning a Waste of Time into a Value Added Event (I-A)
765 Getting Started with Prevention through Design (I)
766 High Quality Continuing Education and Training - The IACET Advantage (B-I-A)
767 Mobile Technology to Improve Workplace Safety and Efficiency (A)
775 Tools to Support Prevention through Design (PtD) Processes (I-A-E)
776 Be Less Tactical; Get More Strategic! (B-I)
777 Crane Operator, Rigger and Signal Person Training in Compliance with OSHA 1926.1400 (B-I-A-E)
778 Regulatory Compliance and Management of Asbestos Containing Materials (I)
779 Use of Ergonomic Data in Effective and Defensible Pre-employment Programs (I)
780 Building Information Modeling & Fire Protection (I)
781 How to Avoid 10 Common Pitfalls in Injury Management (B-I-A)
782 Far Away and Cannot Be Forgotten: Managing OSH Related Risks for Expatriates / Employees (A)
784 Challenges Posed by RF Radiation Exposure from Wireless Antenna Systems (I)
785 Would Your Risk Assessment Process Impress Your Insurance Company? (B-I-A)
786 Case Study: Organic Growth of a Strong Safety Culture (A)
787 Optimizing Human Performance: Reduce Errors - Eliminate Events (B)
789 Implementing NFPA 70E for Arc Flash Safety (I)
790 Creating and Using Videos to Enhance Your Safety Training (I)
791 Fundamentals of SH&E: Basic Safety Management 101G
792 Key Issue Roundtable #16: Integrating Safety & Health into Green Construction