Safety 2008 Proceedings

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10:45am - 11:45am

501 Sponsored by the Construction Practice Specialty: OSHA Construction Partnerships: A Case Study on the Value and Benefits
502 Sponsored by the Business of Safety Committee: The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the SH&E Professional
503 Mixing Water and Prevention through Design
504 Preplanning for Rescue at Height
505 Interpersonal Intervention for Injury Prevention: Practical Evidence-Based Strategies for World-Class Safety
506 Approaches to Optimizing Emergency Medical Services Transportation Safety
507 Wellness Inside: Intel's Health and Wellness Program
508 Overcoming the Conflict between Safety and Production using Risk Management and Behavioral Safety Principles
511 Systemic Incident Analysis "The Four Phase Process"
512 Sponsored by the Business of Safety Committee and the International Practice Specialty: Weaving a Safety, Health and Environmental Vision into the Bottom Line of the Business
513 The Roles of Managers, Supervisors and Safety & Health Professionals for Maximizing Safety & Health Performance
514 Positive Effects of a Fall Protection Program: A Case Study
515 The Art of Injury Reduction
517 The Underlying Power of an Effective Electrical Safety Program
518 Engineering Principles for Safer Design
521 Expo Education - Improving Safety through Behavior and Gas Exposure Tracking

3:15pm - 4:15pm

525 Designing for Construction Worker Safety - Recent Activity and Available Resources for Designers
526 The Magic of Safety Communication and Fun Safety Meetings!
527 The 30 Second Rules for Handling Hazardous Materials Releases
528 Best Practices in Ergonomics
529 Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Personnel
532 Sponsored by the International Practice Specialty: 2008 Global Safety and Health Briefing
534 Sponsored by the Hospitality Branch of the Management Practice Specialty: Avoiding 12 Common Mistakes in Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention
535 Sponsored by the Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialty: Will Your Substance Abuse Program Manage the Risk and Defend Your Case?
536 Sponsored by the Management Practice Specialty: Beyond Compliance: Breaking Through to the Next Level of H, S & E Excellence
537 Sponsored by the International and Environmental Practice Specialties: Riding the Green Wave
538 Sponsored by the Consultants Practice Specialty: Safety and Health Consultant Roles: Being the Best at Your Game
539 Benchmarking - Finding Out What You REALLY Want to Know
540 Limitations of Metal-clad Enclosures to Protect Workers from Electrical Arc-Blasts
541 Sponsored by the Fire Protection Branch of the Engineering Practice Specialty: How Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposures (COPE) and Firefighting Tactics Affect the Outcome of a Fire Emergency
542 Sponsored by the Transportation Practice Specialty: Development and Implementation of Effective Driver Training Programs
545 Expo Education - Incorporating a Rescue Plan into Your Fall Protection Program

4:30pm - 5:30pm

550 Introduction to Scaffold Safety
551 Career Success: Lessons Learned From a New CSP Salary and Demographic Survey
552 Sponsored by the Management and the Ergonomics Branch of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialties: Ergonomic Leadership: Motivating and Developing Ergonomic Behavior
553 Effective Evacuation Planning and Preparation for Facilities
556 Sponsored by the Public Sector Practice Specialty: Staying Safe While Making Money: A Discussion of the Award Winning Safety Program at the Department of the Treasury
557 Sponsored by the Construction and Public Sector Practice Specialties: Safe-ing History
558 Sponsored by the Hospitality Branch of the Management Practice Specialty: Objective Auditing Techniques to Control Slips and Falls in Restaurants
559 EHS Management Systems - Trials and Tribulations on the Road to a Leading Indicator
560 Motivating Leadership for Safety Excellence: What Really Works
561 Sponsored by the Consultants Practice Specialty: But Does It Really Work? Using Performance Technology for Safety Results
562 Implementing the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
563 Debunking the Training Myth: Why Most Safety Classes Don't Work and What to Do About It
565 The Best Use of Lockout / Tagout and Control Reliable Circuits
566 Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee and the Engineering Practice Specialty: How Do You Provide Fall Protection in a Wind Tunnel and Other Odd Locations?
567 Reducing Stress Related Violence at 70 MPH
569 La fuerza laboral Latina en España y EEUU: Situación Presente y Programas Diseñados para Mejorar sus Condiciones de Seguridad y Salud Laboral - Delivered in Spanish(The Latino Workforce in Spain and in the U.S.: Present Situation and Programs Designed to Address their Workplace Safety)
570 Expo Education - Fire Resistant Clothing: Statistics, Standards and Safety