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11/2018   PTD Before Risk Assessment: A Historical Perspective Risk Assessment
  by Michael A. Taubitz
  Early efforts to design out hazards were sporadic and based on assessments of feasibility. Lack of practical risk assessment methodologies constrained prevention through design (PTD) efforts. This article presents a narrow slice of history as known by the author, beginning with employment at General Motors. It chronicles the foundations and evolution that brought those engaged in the practice of engineering and safety to the current state of PTD in one company.
11/2018   Leadership’s Effect on Safety Culture Safety Culture
  by Mark A. Lundell and Cheryl L. (Cheri) Marcham
  Leadership is the antecedent to safety culture and is essential for fulfilling the intent of OSH throughout industry. It is critical to the creation, support and drive of an organization’s safety culture. To better understand how leadership affects safety culture, this article examines many forms of leadership such as active transformational, and active and passive transactional leadership, including democratic, autocratic and the passive leadership styles of laissez-faire and management by exception, and evaluate them for their impacts on safety culture.
11/2018   Leading Ergonomic Indicators: Their Importance in the American Workplace, Part 2 Safety Research
  by Fred Straub
  Leading indicators are a well-documented component of OSH management systems to evaluate OSH performance. This two-part article presents research that examines the use of leading ergonomic safety performance indicators in the workplace for reducing risk and experiencing fewer ergonomic loss events. Part 2 discusses additional research findings and the implications for the OSH profession. Finally, the author presents several conclusions.