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3/2019   Exoskeletons Used as PPE for Injury Prevention Technology
  by Terry Butler and Jason C. Gillette
  This article examines the potential consideration of exoskeletons as PPE for shoulder injury prevention. It provides a brief introduction to injury prevention and ergonomic assessment, and examines studies that have investigated shoulder muscle fatigue and ergonomic assessments of exoskeletons. The authors introduce a series of studies conducted to assess the potential use of exoskeletons as PPE. Test methods presented provide quantitative data to support decisions about whether exoskeletons should be classified as PPE.
3/2019   Identifying Toxic Leadership & Building Worker Resilience Safety Culture
  by Gary L. Winn and Ava C. Dykes
  Toxic leaders work for themselves or against the goals of their organizations, resulting in a dysfunctional environment. This article seeks to help management understand how organizational conditions can allow some leaders to become toxic. It describes how workers and managers can defend themselves and their organizations against toxic leaders. Finally, the article explains how authentic leaders can build a culture of morale and improved organizational resilience.
3/2019   Risk-Taking Behavior: The Role Emotions Play Human Factors including Ergonomics
  by Christopher Garrabrant
  The reasons individuals place themselves or others in harm’s way may not be readily apparent. Emotions may play a deeper role than workers believe. Acting contrary to known safe work practices is often cited as a failure of judgment on the part of the worker for which the sole remedy is often admonishment for the behavior. Absent any form of impairment, whether from substance or fatigue, this view is too narrow in focus to be of much value when seeking causation and may hinder the discovery and learning processes used to prevent recurrence.