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Fatality Narratives: An Effective Way to Convey Hazard Information

by Peregrin Spielholz, Randy Clark, and Tom Sjostrom

Safety Training


Abstract: The Washington State Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program has developed a series of narratives of fatal construction incidents. These one-page documents, which have been distributed for use in toolbox training and as an information source, have proven to be an effective way to connect and demonstrate real-world experience and practical controls.



Behavioral Observations: Effects on Safe Performance

by Joseph R. Sasson, John Austin and Alicia M. Alvero

Accident Investigation


Abstract: A study was conducted to improve the safety performance of 11 computer terminal operators. The study evaluated behavior change as a function of conducting safety observations. It also examined four specific effects of observer accuracy on behavior change. This article examines each effect, provides data-based analyses of them and discusses their possible implications.



Rollover Collisions: Injuries Related to Automotive Side Glass

by Stephen A. Batzer

Safety Management


Abstract: This article explains and analyzes the injury mechanisms associated with tempered and laminated side glazing in automobile rollover collisions. It also discusses the effects of impact, containment loss, entrapment, laceration and eye injury to show that the greatest statistical threat to an occupant is not from the glazing directly, but from partial or full ejection coupled with exposure to the exterior. The author also reviews the history and relative merits of tempered and laminated side glazing, highlights relevant accident statistics and scusses actual rollovers and the results of current research.