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2/2007 Hispanic Worker Safety: Understanding culture improves training and prevents fatalities by Sarah Sanders-Smith Workplace Safety
Abstract: Data on Hispanic worker fatalities reveal that nearly 80% of Hispanic worker deaths are caused by five types of incidents. To develop effective training programs to address these incidents, employers must understand basic cultural differences between Hispanic and Anglo workers. This article reviews these differences to help employers train a diverse workforce.

2/2007 Mechanical Power Presses: Improving hazard identification using software by Darrell R. Wallace and Gary P. Maul Occupational Hazards
Abstract: Machinery such as mechanical power presses continues to contribute disproportionately to some of the most devastating workplace injuries. Injuries that arise from contact with point-of-operation hazards are particularly troublesome because these hazards are recognized and the guidelines for guarding presses are well established. The authors share results of a study of a software package developed to help employers assess press guarding and identify hazards in an effort to reduce the number of press-related injuries.

2/2007 Electrical Safety: Elements of an effective program by John J. Kolak Workplace Safety
Abstract: Despite significant improvements in engineering designs and safe work practices, accident investigations often reveal electrical accidents occur because key protective systems were either missing or dysfunctional. In response, OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association require that employers develop and implement comprehensive and effective electrical safety programs. This article provides guidance on how to develop such programs.