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11 PTD Before Risk Assessment: A Historical Perspective Michael A. Taubitz Risk Assessment 063/11/F1Taubitz_1118.pdf AWbu7fkmp8kjnn-fx9ZB Delete Edit
11 Leadership’s Effect on Safety Culture Mark A. Lundell and Cheryl L. (Cheri) Marcham Safety Culture 063/11/F2LundellMarcham_1118.pdf AWbu7zVtp8kjnn-fx9ZC Delete Edit
11 Leading Ergonomic Indicators: Their Importance in the American Workplace, Part 2 Fred Straub Safety Research 063/11/F3Straub_1118.pdf AWbu7-YJp8kjnn-fx9ZD Delete Edit
10 Leading Ergonomic Indicators: Their Importance in the American Workplace, Part 1 Fred Straub Safety Research 063/10/F3Straub_1018.pdf AWbL35UZp8kjnn-fx9Y_ Delete Edit
10 Causal Factors Analysis: Uncovering & Correcting Management System Deficiencies Bruce K. Lyon, Georgi Popov and Anthony Roberts Incident Investigation 063/10/F2Lyon_1018.pdf AWY1eHVyp8kjnn-fx9Y4 Delete Edit
10 Integrating the Best of BBS & HOP: A Holistic Approach to Improving Safety Performance Josh Williams and Steve Roberts Safety Management 063/10/F1Williams_1018.pdf AWaSFUYMp8kjnn-fx9Y9 Delete Edit
9 No More Bullet Points: Research-Based Tips for Better Presentations Mitch Ricketts Training 063/09/F1_0918.pdf AWWlhAlPp8kjnn-fx9Yv Delete Edit
9 The Communication Dynamic for OSH E. Scott Geller Safety Culture 063/09/F2_0918.pdf AWWlhLzLp8kjnn-fx9Yw Delete Edit
9 Getting Off the Plateau: How to Improve Results Fred A. Manuele Accident Investigation 063/09/F3_0918.pdf AWWmkWlkp8kjnn-fx9Y0 Delete Edit
8 Art & Science of Mindfulness In the Practice of Safety Linda F. Martin and Jan K. Wachter Human Performance 063/08/F1_0818.pdf AWT3a5qgcnOlzA4UY_WZ Delete Edit
8 Emotional Intelligence: Assessing Its Importance in Safety Leadership Richard Olawoyin Skill Development 063/08/F3_0818.pdf AWT3bQUqcnOlzA4UY_Wb Delete Edit
8 Medical Marijuana: Addressing Impairment in the Workplace Lori A. Schroth, Brandon J. Hody, Christopher S. Chaffin, Elliott Laratonda and Greg W. Cook Emerging Issues 063/08/F2_0818.pdf AWVo6XqRp8kjnn-fx9Yt Delete Edit
7 High Risk, Lone Worker: The Unacceptable Risk Fred Straub Program Development 063/07/F1_0718.pdf AWRq7fcscnOlzA4UY_WU Delete Edit
7 Contractor Safety Prequalification: The Reality of Demanded Written Programs David W. Wilbanks Program Management 063/07/F2_0718.pdf AWRq7zPrcnOlzA4UY_WV Delete Edit
7 Real & Present Danger: The Underestimated Impact of Carcinogens in the Workplace Connie Muncy Occupational Health 063/07/F3_0718.pdf AWRq8BmNcnOlzA4UY_WW Delete Edit
6 Cargo Truck Tanks: An Often-Unrecognized Confined Space Hazard Daniel J. O’Connell Motor Vehicle Safety 063/06/F1_0618.pdf AWOUPzAiK0C-S01eSgUL Delete Edit
6 Top 10 Misuses & What to Do About Them Craig Galecka and Shawn Smith Fall Protection 063/06/F2_0618.pdf AWOURyouK0C-S01eSgUO Delete Edit
6 Safety Training Revisited: Effective Design & Delivery Rifath Ali and Earl Blair Safety Training 063/06/F3_0618.pdf AWPvmSm6GV9F22ODlOEx Delete Edit
5 Developing Certification Exam Questions: More Deliberate Than You May Think Cheryl L. (Cheri) Marcham, Treasa M. Turnbeaugh, Susan Gould and Joel T. Nader Professional Issues 063/05/F1_0518.pdf AWMYj1n4K0C-S01eSgUF Delete Edit
5 Standards Incorporated by Reference: Little-Known Secrets David F. Coble Standards 063/05/F2_0518.pdf AWMYkCAZK0C-S01eSgUG Delete Edit
5 OSH Professionals in Academic Research: A Pilot Strategy for Characterizing Work Activites Robert J. Emery, Scott J. Patlovich and Kalyn C. Jannace Professional Issues 063/05/F3_0518.pdf AWMYkMQWK0C-S01eSgUH Delete Edit
4 Machine Shop Safety: A Look at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Program Ronald H. Reif, Daniel S. Lopes and Sean M. Medeiros Case Study 063/04/F1_0418.pdf AWJ398HDK0C-S01eSgT- Delete Edit
4 Work Zone Intrusion: Technology to Reduce Injuries & Fatalities Chukwuma Nnaji, John Gambatese and Hyun Woo Lee Employee Protection 063/04/F2_0418.pdf AWJ3-IxAK0C-S01eSgT_ Delete Edit
4 Closing the Gap: Between Traditional & Enterprise Risk Management Systems Jack Ogutu, Mark R. Bennett and Richard Olawoyin Risk Management 063/04/F3_0418.pdf AWJ3-TOEK0C-S01eSgUA Delete Edit
3 A Healthy Workforce: How Workers’ Compensation & Wellness Programs Go Together Matthew J. Condon and Jennifer B. Edwards Program Development 063/03/F1_0318.pdf AWHdNFFaOTZxi9PVPFyf Delete Edit
3 Inclusive & Gender Equal Protection: Protecting Workers’ Reproductive Health Morgan M. Bliss and Jacob Krzystowczyk Occupational Health 063/03/F2_0318.pdf AWHdRMl5OTZxi9PVPFyi Delete Edit
3 Salesmanship for Change: Utilizing WIIFM & Understanding Employee Needs Tracy L. Cekada Culture Change 063/03/F3_0318.pdf AWHdRoG4OTZxi9PVPFyk Delete Edit
2 Drive Excellence: Auditing Fleet Safety Process to Manage Risk Nancy J. Bendickson, Brian Hammer and Peggy E. Ross Safety Management 063/02/F1_0218.pdf AWFNkhlTOTZxi9PVPFyF Delete Edit
2 Sometimes the Rules Are Wrong: Questioning Common Sense Dave Curry, John Meyer and Mary M. Pappas Professional Issues 063/02/F2_0218.pdf AWFNkxedOTZxi9PVPFyG Delete Edit
2 Business Risks: What Happens When Leaders Are Committed to Nonoptimal OSH Systems? Vladimir Ivensky Safety Management 063/02/F3_0218.pdf AWFNk-rDOTZxi9PVPFyH Delete Edit
1 Safety Across Cultures: Understanding the Challenges Michael A. Flynn, Elizabeth Castellanos and Augusto Flores-Andrade Professional Issues 063/01/F1_0118.pdf AWC4xgo5y06tZgEPqmcO Delete Edit
1 Online PPE Training: Developing a Pilot Program for Secondary Schools Koshy Koshy, Derek G. Shendell, Lindsey J. Milich and Alexa A. Patti Safety Training 063/01/F2_0118.pdf AWC4xqpWy06tZgEPqmcP Delete Edit