Safety 2009 Proceedings

527 Applied Ergonomics: Tools and Methods for Improving Fit of the Workplace (Sponsored by the Ergonomics Branch of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty)

Instructor: Walter G. Rostykus, CSP, CIH, CPE
Kent Hatcher, CPE
Humantech, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI

Description: Most safety engineers can readily identify, measure and control most safety hazards. One area of challenge continues to be ergonomics. With the plethora of assessment checklists, booklets, and devices available today, the basic and proven methods are hard to find. Stretching, back belts, exercise balls and other approaches tend to confuse and distract from controlling the true hazard. This session will demonstrate the basic fundamentals and tools to conduct valid and quantitative risk assessments, and identify the root causes of ergonomic risk factors that lead to engineering controls that reduce risk.

Level: B