Safety 2009 Proceedings

653 The Future of the Safety Engineering Profession in the United States (Sponsored by the Engineering Practice Specialty)

Instructor: John W. Mroszczyk, Ph.D., P.E., CSP, Northeast Consulting Engineers, Inc., Danvers, MA

Description: The field of safety is difficult to define. The safety profession has grown to include health, fire protection, insurance, behavior, management, systems, law enforcement, environmental, legal, industrial hygiene, engineering, disease control, as well as other functions. Safety professionals come from many different backgrounds. The term safety engineer is even more difficult to define since it is frequently used to describe many safety functions that may or may not involve engineering. While the definition of safety, safety professional and safety engineer may be unclear, it is clear that the safety engineering profession has the knowledge, skill, experience, and insight to move forward on national/global strategies to control hazards in and out of the workplace by engineering design. These initiatives as well as the future of safety engineering will be presented.

Level: I