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7/2018   High Risk, Lone Worker: The Unacceptable Risk Program Development
  by Fred Straub
  Working alone is generally an accepted practice in the U.S. Working alone when performing high-risk work presents an unacceptable risk to workers. Educating management and affected employees regarding the risk of lone work and integrating the related risk-reducing controls of a working alone safety program will contribute to the eventual unacceptance and discontinuance of high-risk work by lone workers.
7/2018   Contractor Safety Prequalification: The Reality of Demanded Written Programs Program Management
  by David W. Wilbanks
  Hiring companies value written safety programs and frequently demand their contractors submit to be eligible to perform work. Desktop audits are the common means to verify written programs; field verification audits are rare. Consultant services to author written programs for contractors are ubiquitous. Hiring companies should reconsider the emphasis given to written safety program submission.
7/2018   Real & Present Danger: The Underestimated Impact of Carcinogens in the Workplace Occupational Health
  by Connie Muncy
  Workplace cancer statistics reflect the seriousness of the global workplace cancer situation and reveal which groups are at greatest risk. This article discusses why workplace cancer prevention has a lower profile than workplace injury and what actions must be taken. It also discusses factors that influence workplace cancer cluster investigations.