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12 Patient Safety: Hospital Technicians & Information Overload Joel M. Haight, Harry F. Wetz Jr., Lisa J. Daves and Obhafuoso D. Olumese Case Study 063/12/F1_1218.pdf AWd05w14p8kjnn-fx9ZI Delete Edit
12 Job Autonomy & Safety Climate: Examining Associations in the Mining Industry Emily Haas, Margaret Ryan and Cassandra Hoebbel Safety Culture 063/12/F2_1218.pdf AWd058trp8kjnn-fx9ZJ Delete Edit
12 VR Training Software: Research Shows Strong Results for Learners John Rolando, Kausalai (Kay) Wijekumar and Rhett Barnes Safety Training 063/12/F3_1218.pdf AWd06H2Ip8kjnn-fx9ZK Delete Edit

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